The Open Bridge between Web 2.0 and 3.0

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Aqifi is a DAO primitive operating as a trusted access layer and curator of open composable technologies – making it easier for enterprises to enter and experiment in the Web3 space.

The Access Layer to Web3

Aqifi catalyze adoption for foundational web3 technologies by representing a simplified entry-points for enterprises to evaluate, integrate, and experiment with the open ownership economy.

Decentralized Governance

Aqifi approach governance through the lens of progressive decentralization with an elected Council composed of trusted and multidisciplinary  domain-experts across verticals.

Harmonized by  "AQA"

The utility token will fulfill four main functions: Staking, Governance, Incentivization, and Risk Adjustment. The value of AQA is backed by the entire DAO value creation – enabling steady appreciation beyond speculative activity.

Any realm within the new digital economy and the metaverse has to be rooted in Web3 for a globally inclusive financial system that provides fundamental ownership rights, interoperability, and permissionless value transfer across each respective vertical.

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